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The NDC’S Press Statement On Akuffo Addo’s Visit To Demkyembour/Akwatia Constituency

The Akwatia Constituency branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) became aware of the president’s visit to the district on Sunday, 13th October 2019 in the media and as responsible and patriotic citizens, we were happy and warmly welcomed the news joyfully, with the view that the president’s visit will be beneficial, only for us to be disappointed as usual.

The focal point of this press statement is to inform and educate the general public about the activities that took place during the president’s visit, which was a total waste of precious time and money of the poor tax payers who were bused to the venue.

The climax of the president’s visit according to our sources which was to inspect projects started by his government but was mooted at the ‘eleventh hour due to the obvious.

That not withstanding, we expect the president to be truthful and honest at all times to the people of Denkyembour and Ghanaians as a whole instead of swimming in blatant lies and falsehood.

We are compelled by the presidents posture to let the public know the truth in the midst of the falsehood about the so called ghost projects he was supposed to inspect including the defunct GCDL.

We are reliably informed that the only facility the president visited was the collapsed GCDL, where the workers and other residents have been denied electricity and water for the past two years but was connected to the national grid for power because of the presence of the president but immediately the present left the district, there were total blackout till date.

The people of Akwatia and its environs were hopeful that the president would outdoor the current investors to of the GCDL but to our surprise, it was all about his usual empty promises rendering the constituents hopeless.

Out of shame, the president declined to inspect other major projects initiated by H.E John Dramani Mahama, yet he was unable to visit/inspect any significant projects his government started, completed and in use by the constituents, simply because there was none.

It is important to state that several other important projects which were to commiserate with the status of our newly created District, such as a District court, Rural electrification project(Alafia community), fire tender for the district fire station, construction of Akwatia main and town roads, Akwatia market, popularly called Akwadum, Akwatia Community Day SHS at Boadua which were all started by the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama’s administration have contemptuously and deliberately been abandoned.

It is imperative to make the point that, in spite of the monumental projects such as the Akwatia-Kusi bridge, ADHA water project, the good people of Akwatia voted against John Mahama based on the incessant lies of unfulfilled promises which worn him the accolade ‘King Promise’

Furthermore, we bring to the attention of the president, his government’s failure to achieve any significant success, especially in the area of visible projects in the entire district since he took over in 2017.

Again, we remind the president and the NPP that whiles in opposition they promised to;

1. Establish a factory in the district

2.Construct a ware house in the district

3.Construct the Akwatia main and town roads

4.Extend electricity to rural communities

5.Allocate/Release $1million every year to Akwatia Constituency

6.Revamp GCDL to start effective operation to enhance socio-economic development.

7.Convert the Takrowase Community Day School to a boarding facility.

8.Construct three hundred and fifty (350) senior high schools which of course Denkyembour woul have been a beneficiary.

It is now crystal clear and we believe same to be true, that president Akuffo Addo and his government has exhausted all the alternatives in fulfilling their empty promises, hence the NDC and the good people of Denkyembour in the face of all these broken promises, finds it extremely difficult to reconcile the president’s continuous promises and assurances even in his third year with a well established concrete facts known to many as a braggadocios talkertive without action based on his previous empty rhetorics.

It is however laughable to note that majority of the NPP communicators continuously posit that the president is doing his best at age seventy eight (78), then Ghanaians must be frightened and ready to witness his worst performance at age eighty (80) if given a second term.

While Ghanaian citizens, including Denkyembour residents, majority of whom are in their youthful age are languishing in jail, remand and others standing trial for their involvement in small scale mining whiles foreign nationals like Aisha Huang are left of the hook when arrested for mining illegally (galamsey) due to financial inducement as asserted to by the senior minister of which the president upon a sobber reflection and on hindsight claimed it was a mistake on the part of government to deport her instead of prosecuting her just like the ordinary poor Ghanaians.

Contrary to the ugly noises in the public space being propagated by the NPP government, we submit that, president Akuffo Addo has neglected the people of Denkyembour.
Let me hasten to say that the president’s promise and assurance to change the face of Akwatia GCD was a fallacy considering his track record.

We are by this release urging the president to;

1.Render an unqualified apology to the chiefs and residents of Denkyembour for deceiving all of us.

2.Immediately cause to resume work on all the abandoned projects started by the previous NDC government under John Dramani Mahama.

3.Take the necessary steps to fulfill all his promises to redeem his credibility and integrity left if there is any.

4.Be compassionate and immediately speed up steps and grant our brothers who are languishing in jail either remittance or pardon for them to join their families and be reintegrated into society just like Aisha Huang.

We wish to re-echo our profound appeal to all and sundry to vote out the super incompetence and clueless government headed by president Akuffo Addo whose modus operandi is to clear his corrupt appointees without publishing the so called investigative report which always sort to exonerate them, thereby claiming again a disgraceful and shameful accolade, the Clearing Agent.

Finally, we inform the president that the electorates of Akwatia Consistency has already passed a negative verdict on him as a president, which is that, he has failed woefully, hence does not deserve a second term.


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