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The hypocrisy of our democracy

You come to power chanting slogans of incompetence against your predecessor. You promise paradise when you yourself dwell in the squalor of a slum. Instead of expanding infrastructure you gallivant about naming existing monuments and institutions in a bid to desperately preserve your heritage.

When you fail to deliver on your mandate, you start to compare apples to oranges. You said you could do what Napoleon failed to do.

Instead of taking responsibility for your inactions, you play the blame game that is so not in fashion.

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You said there was money in the country, but we lacked the men. What do we see today? Scandalous practices everywhere.

Is this the competency promised Ghanaians by the NPP? Stop referring to the NDC anytime your appointees goof and display extravagant incompetence!!

Who is in government? What has the previous government got to do with your failure?

Ghanaians did not vote for you to come and complain or compare!! You were brought to fix the nation you claimed had been run down. Fix it!!! Enough of the rhetoric!!! You sound like a broken record!! It is true that mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself. Go figure!!!

Godfred Bonsu, Communication Officer, Kade Constituency NDC



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