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Principal Of Sunyani Nursing Training Threatened and Students Forced To Meet Nana Addo – NDC

The President, Nana Akufo Addo after meeting the leadership of the LGBT in Sunyani decided to continue his tour in the Bono Region.

It was a shock to see the Regional Minister who once carried a fake Doctorate title trying all in her powers to please the President to the extent of forcing students out of the classroom to meet the President.

The NDC Regional Youth Wing wishes to state that from our sources from the Sunyani Nursing Training College, all what happened on the side of the students in the Bono Region was faked and staged.

What Others are Reading

1.The Regional Minister gave a directive to the Principal of the institution to release 200 students who will be bused by the assembly to cheer the President on his arrival.

2.After the directive was given, the Principal sent a signal to the Regional Minister that lectures will be distorted if she decides to grant her wishes

4.The Minister later threatened the Principal to act on her directive or face the consequences.

5.The Principal, for fear of the political powers around the Minister, decided to task the TESCON President to make arrangement to move the students but should be those willing to go.

6.Later the Principal decided to release 50people out of a student population of over 800 to artificially welcome the President.

7.The placards and banners used by the students were all designed and printed by the Regional Coordinating council and were handed over to the students upon the arrival of the students from monies the Regional Minister is supposed to use for development of the Region.

All these showed clearly how desperate the Regional Minister and the MPs for Sunyani East and West were to please the President.

We believe the Regional Minister was desperate to please the President because of her indictment by the Auditor General on misappropriation of funds when she was the MCE for the Sunyani Municipal.

We wish to tell the President that his appointees are deceiving him because the people in the Bono Region are very angry.

They are angry because their monies are still locked up with the DKM and other ponzi financial institutions.

They are angry because the price of cashew they were buying at 900 Ghana cedis is now 120 Ghana cedis.

They are angry because there has not been any infrastructure project in our schools and the Region at large.

They are angry because they have not set eyes on their one million per constituency.

They are angry because all projects started by John Mahama have all been neglected by his government in the Region.

They are angry because his government has failed them.

NPP should note that students of Ghana are wise and won’t fall for their cosmetic display.

Today students are shot and sprayed with hot water because they decided to speak their mind.

Rotational Nurses are for 8 months now not been paid a pessewa since they started work.

Admission into our nursing schools dropped by 60% of applicants because of the wickedness of this government.

Trained Nurses are jobless on the street today because Nana Addo has refused to employ them.

These are issues the Minister and his Youth Organizer should tell the President rather than wasting our resources on the fruitless mission they have embarked on.

We wish the President well in his tour but we assure him that there will be no results for him in the Region.

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.

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