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Obey Instructions Or-Atonsu GPRTU Chairman Warn Drivers

Mr Samuel Darko known publicly as Chairman Bronii has given a strong warning to drivers who are using the Pregio type of cars to as a matter of urgency remove one seat from their car if not they will send to court.

According to him, they are been warn several times but some of the drivers have been adamant to it. He said this gives discomfort to the passengers who used thesev cars and also makes the car become overloaded which may result in preventable accidents.

He has therefore given them one week ultimatum other than he be left with no option but to arrange them before court. he therefore appealled to the MTTU Division of the Ghana Police Service to assist him with these eercise.

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He therefore urged car owners to support their divers to remove a seat to make passengers feel comfortable and also to prevent accdent as lives are thier utmost priority.

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