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Forget About Capturing Abuakwa North Seat, Your Executives Are From NPP -Abenbebom to NDC

The Eastern Regional grassroots communicators organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP Abenbebom, has advised the biggest opposition party NDC in the Akyem Abuakwa North constituency to abandon its plans of winning the Parliamentary seat ,as it is an impossibility

He claimed, ” over 90% of the NDC constituency executives are from the NPP and due to lack of trust the defected to NDC, others money was used to influence them

Abenbebom speaking on the Abuakwa For Development platform mentioned the most substantial number of NPP constituency gurus who emanated to NDC but with the intention to vote for president Nana Akufo Addo

He claimed, the current NDC constituency chairman Who had a fantastic victory, having beaten his competitor tremendously was an NPP member by then

The deputy communication director was the then spokesman to the late J B Danquah Adu the late mp for Abuakwa North may his soul rest in perfect peace

Hon madam Doris Sarponmaa was the then treasurer for the NPP ,she joined the NDC to campaigned for skirt and top ….Nana Addo as president and Victor Smith as mp

The acting Eastern Regional Secretary of the NDC was recognized as one of the most loyal members of the NPP party before joining the NDC in 1996

This are facts and statistics about the NDC constituency executives joined the NDC

Research conducted by the grassroots… Abenbebom According to Abenbebom per their research conducted Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is the best president so far by virtue of poll conducted by the grassroots and even a Canadian based research organization

Releasing the best and outstanding list of president and former president Nana Addo emerged top

Abenbebom believes since President Akufo Addo won the the 2016 election, he has been the man of the people with high approval rating because of his positive policies such as the Free SHS ,Planting for Food and Jobs , One District One village, 1 village 1 Dam ,Teacher Training and Nursing Training Allowances ,NABCO

NDC Constituency chairman Blast Abenbebom Meanwhile the Akyem Abuakwa North Constituency chairman Hon David Siaw Frimpong popularly called chairman Siwa has retaliated to the allegations made by Abenbebom and has described the NPP as a totally confused party which does not know what it is about

According to chairman Siwa the NPP has no campaign message for 2020 as their so called Free SHS ,which has now jeopardize the education system

As a result, the New Patriotic party NPP he claimed has been engaged in what he called pair trawling

Chairman Siwa stated, To bring to the fore the deplorable conditions of the only access route in the area and the government apathy towards repairing it . The people of New Tafo ,Old Tafo, Nobi ,Tontro, and Anyinasin has warned the NPP party to stay away from the community during campaigns unless the important roads which was under construction by the then Ex- noble and competent president in the said communities are fixed

From old Tafo to Anyinasin road which has made it a hotbed for robbers who have successfully attacked and brutally terrorise market women are unconcern to NPP party

The blue and white street lights poles now turned as White elephant in the Tafo,Old and New

A time is coming when most NPP members will join the great party NDC cos they are just disappointed and u Abenbebom will be one of them simply due lack of trust for your leadership and your government, I know and they come to me and tell me. Your government is still not finding it’s feet and throw out blames as if three years in government is nothing, apart from free SHS which you tout so much what else, look at our roads, no wonder Akyem are hooting at the president cos of bad roads.
WAIT AND SEE….chairman Siwa to Abenbebom

Story by Mr Awal Adam

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