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BBC Did A Bogus Job About “Sex for Grades” Ghanaian Journalist Could Have Even Done Better

The Ejura/Sekyedumasi National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication Team Member, Auspicious De Boss has charged on BBC for their Unprofessional targeting plan work which ends them with shame.

According to Auspicious, “Sex-For-Grades” is, undeniably, one of the many problems female students across the various educational institutions in the country face. Lecturers and teachers take advantage of their positions and power to harras, abuse and solicit for sexual favours so that they will manipulate or change the grades/results of these females. Those who refuse are normally victimised or failed as punishment for their ‘stubbornness’.

The BBC has, in its bid to eradicating this menace, conducted an investigation which has exposed some lecturers of the University of Lagos and two known University of Ghana lecturers, Dr. Butakor and Prof. Gyampo.

However, the video passes for a trash and must be deposited in the dust bin for these reasons.

  1. In almost all the cases, the “supposed female students” first approached the male lecturers, seemingly lured them into some form of a friend/relationship and the lecturers ‘fell’ for this temptation. Is this sexual harrassment? Why were the conversations of the ladies removed from the video? Could the ladies have declined the invitations of the lecturers to their houses, malls, offices, etc and how would that have affected their grades?
  2. In almost all the cases, SEX did not actually happen. All the evidences are conversations about SEX and MARRIAGE. In fact, some of the meeting points of the supposed students and lecturers were in the public space like the Mall, office (where othere people were there), etc. Where then is the ‘SEX’ in “Sex-For-Grades”?
  3. The “supposed students” turned out to be journalists and not students. There is no way a lecturer can manupilate or change the grades of someone who is not a student. And in fact, no part of the video showed a changed result or grade. So, where are the GRADES in “Sex-For-Grades”?
  4. It is obvious the BBC did “targetting” hence lost out in doing a better investigation. If they had opened it up and used “real” students for the exercise, I believe over 50 lecturers would have been busted. There are over 2,000 lecturers at Legon, if only two are “caught”, should we say “Sex for Grades” is a serious problem in Ghana? Two is insignificant a sample for any serious research whose population is over 2,000.
  5. It’s about time the Black show the West that they can’t come here, embarrass us and interfere in our matters as they did some years ago. I encourage the lecturers to take the matter up and bring the BBC down. Days of colonialism are Over. This is no case!
  6. Sexual abuse and harrassment are a criminal offences in our constitution. If any student is sexually abused, she should or be encouaged to report to the police for the necessary action.
  7. Ghanaian journalists should rise UP! You can do better investigations than what BBC is doing. I believe in YOU! Let’s change the Narrative. That We are BLACK does not mean every international report about us should be painted BLACK.

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