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BBC Africa Eye Sex for Grades a shallow research – Human Resource Development Practitioner

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi , a Human Resource Development Practitioner has posited that the BBC Africa Eye Sex for Grades video a shallow investigative piece.

He again said that in any good investigation the target group should be extensive not a closed one like the poor work they did. “How can you sample over hundred lecturers at the University of Ghana and entrap just two. The conversation between Prof Ransford Gyampo seems to be with a person who is not his direct student. Dr. Butakor too his conversation did not prove the sex he had and the grades he offered the lady”.

He further stated that the coverage should have been more than one University. How can any serious investigative piece target just University of Ghana, do we think the other Universities are sacrosanct. “It has come to my notice that Prof Ransford Gyampo is planning a legal action against the said piece,i am in full support of it and believe that it will push such investigators to do clean work. Eventhough in a research a certain percentage of error level is accepted, this one the full piece is full of errors and must be retracted and an apology rendered to the affected lecturers.

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This investigative piece has brought everything, psychological and social discomfort to the affected lecturers and their families as well as the University”, he said.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi appealed to the University of Ghana to take a critical look at the investigative piece and take a decision which will not be regretting on the future even though the reputation of the university of Ghana is concerned. The University of Ghana is our premier University and must be protected from any evil plans.

He overly stated that as someone who had his first degree at University of Ghana, the school needs to be protected from international redicule. The reputation of the Lecturers, students, Alumni and friends of the university are on the line. Action now to save the name of University of Ghana.

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