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Assemblyman Has Performed Better Than Ejura MCE – Nana Ameyaw

The deputy communication officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ejura Sekyeredumasi constituency, Nana Ameyaw has said that, the Assemblyman for Kotokoli line electoral, Hon. Sisu has performed much better than the current Municipal Chief Exercutive (MCE), Hon Salisu Bamba. He made this pronouncement on 5th October on SIMPIESO, a live evening program on Today’s FM 101.7 a radio station based in Ejura.

Nana Ameyaw was reacting to achievements of the MCE in his 3 year reign in the municipality. He said the MCE has performed abysmally in providing developmental projects despite all kinds of funds in his disposal.

“It is ridiculous for the MCE to boast of constructing a toilet facility as an achievement in his 3 years in office as an MCE whiles a common Assemblyman is constructing the same facility for his constituents”, he said.

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He added that “Because the Assemblyman is performing better than the MCE,he deliberately took the Assemblyman to court to prevent him from constructing the toilet facility for his people. As a result of this wicked approach by the MCE,the project has been abandoned for more than a year now which has expose the people in the area to open defecation which could possibly result in outbreak of cholera”.

The deputy communication officer emphasize on other projects of the Assemblyman to substantiate his claims. He mentioned the construction of 3 metal bridge, extension of streetlights and constant maintenance, free heath insurance cards for children and widows, paying of school fees to needy but brilliant students in his area, mechanizing of boreholes, construction of an ultramodern toilet facility and a constant maintenance of the existing ones among others. These are some of the achievements of the Assemblyman in question.

“So if the MCE can’t compete with an Assemblyman in terms of projects, what makes him think of comparing himself to the MP?” Nana Ameyaw puzzled.

Nana Ameyaw further explained why Ghanaians must bring John Mahama and the NDC back into power to salvage Ghanaians from economic hardship. He sited many corrupt activities under this current NPP government which has been cleared by the clearing agent, President Nana Addo. He emphasize that the President approach in fighting corruption indict him as an accomplice.

Ending his submission,Nana Ameyaw added his voice to all well meaning Ghanaians calling for the cancellation of the satanic CSE which is aimed in introducing homosexuality in our country.

“A vote against NPP in 2020 election is a declaration of Ghana’s second independence from Corruption, hardship, nepotism, family and friend, mismanagement of public funds and a total liberation from an intended introduction of homosexuality”.

Story by: Nana Ama Takyiaw

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