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A/R: Implementation Of CSE Is A Right Decision Ghanaians Must Cherish-Krobo Dikro Reveals.

There has been a huge bashing about plans by Ghana Education Education Service (GES) to includes sex education into basic schools in Ghana under a new subject called Comprehensive S£xuality Education (CSE).

Ghanaians have been kicking against the idea by insisting that it’s morally and religiously unacceptable to start teaching kids about sex, condoms and everything that has to do with their sexuality at a tender age.

However, Dikro of Antoa-Krobo in the Kwabre East Municipality of Ashanti, Nana Yaw Adom Owusu I, says the new concept is laudable as it will stop rape and teenage pregnancy.

Nana Yaw Adom Owusu insists that it is one of the best things to have happened in the educational sector and wants its implementation carried out without obstacles.

He said those criticising the idea are doing it out of ignorance, “it will help the children know much about sexual activities that will enable them to decist from unwanted pregnancies and other sex related issues”.

“CSE will reduce rape and teenage pregnancy so Ghanaians must welcome the idea and support it with their intelligence”, he noted.

According to him, it will help students to nurture positive attitudes and values including open mindedness, respect for self and others, positive self-worth / esteem, comfort, non judgemental attitudes, sense of responsibility concerning their sexual and reproductive health.

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